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Paul Ricketts
Musician, playwright, pornographer, chimney sweep, stage hand and primary school teacher before turning to stand-up comedy on the advice of his therapist three years ago. His black, sub - urban humour on everyday, topical and satirical subjects is now in demand at the Comedy Store (London & Manchester), Just The Tonic, Comedy Caf , Downstairs At The Kings Head, Bearcat Comedy, Falling Down With Laughter, Fun @ The Funhouse, Derby and Mirth Control comedy clubs across the UK.

In 2006 Paul co-hosted his first Edinburgh fringe show -- 'Peter Friends' at the Roxy Art House. A year later he was part of a late night show as part of the Laughing Horse free festival, performed at the Smirnoff Underbelly and MC-d 'Pretty Dirty Things' which received a four star review from ONE4REVIEW.COM. In 2008 Paul hosted 'Up The Arts Comedy Lock-In' to packed audience as part of the PBH Free Fringe and performed his first solo hour show 'Paul Ricketts & Buff Wood - Wood Pushers' awarded five stars from THREE WEEKS.

Paul also made the Laughing Horse New Act of The Year 2007 semi-final, Beat The Gong @ The Comedy Store 2007, Comedy Cafe New Act winner 2008 and appeared on 'The Weakest Link' - voted out second.


'survives on Richmond fags and double whiskies' TIME OUT (2006)

'irreverent, rude fun' SAMPLE CLERKENWELL (2006)

'a funny set on the youth of today' SURREY MIRROR (2007)

'great gags' ADAM BLOOM (2007)

'innovative style of comedy... gentle but amusing novel opening set' ONE4REVIEW.COM (2007)

'a lovegod' ANNE ROBINSON (2007)

'well above the standard' PETERFIELD POST (2008)

'a really funny comic' ED BYRNE (2008)

'Ricketts excels as a natural story-teller, with an amusing eloquence that would make you smile even if he was the one telling you that your granny's just died.' THREE WEEKS (2008)

'always amusing' TIME OUT (2008)
To book Paul Ricketts or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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