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Mr Darcy

Born Darcy  Thomas: 
The 24 yr old comedy actor & writer began his training at “
Italia Conti” theatre school. He then went on to study at ”The BRIT School for Performing Arts” from 2004-2007 where he obtained 2 BTECH’s, for Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Management. 

Darcy Thomas made himself an ambassador of the youth by creating an organisation ( and numerous short films that reflect youth in the UK, one of which features on The BBC Network & has also had his films screened at “The Indigo O2, Vue Cinema”,“The Film Festival For Peace” (in Italy) and “The London Short Film Fesitval”.

His awards for short films include: 
“Film London’s Greenwich Film Challenge”, 
“The Unicef Pro Award”

Mr. Darcy Began his comical career by first featuring on the E4 hit The Inbetweeners, in which he was originally casted as the role of Jay in the original "
Bwark Productions" pilot "Baggy Trousers". 
Mr. Darcy featured in Series 1 & 3 and then made a guest feature in Noel Clarke's Film "4,3,2,1".

May the 13th 2011 was Mr. Darcy's UK comedy debut, influenced by Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Micky Flanagan, Richard Blackwood and Slim; Mr Darcy performed a 10 minute "improv" act which displayed his quick wit, as he managed to hold his weight with the experienced comics on the circuit. 

Since then he has revised the competition, his material and still insists on doing off the cuff sets, how ever he does revise scripted material for audiences pleasure.

Winning Jongleurs comedy Idol 2012 by playing "Winston" the token black guy in comedy boy band “Rogue5”. (Who are currently touring the UK as part of the Jongleurs circuit with the likes of
Patrick Monahan, Paul Chowdry, Slim, Rudi Lickwood, Kojo, Will.E.Robo and many, many more.)

Quickly realizing Mr Darcy's feel for youth and comedy, he was promoted to head of the digital department of "
The Hatch" (Shine Group Apprenticeship Scheme) which he utilized to launch sketches for "Boom Central TV" he had previously written, directed and/or produced. Quickly gaining recognition off of "The Jokepit", "Comedy Lately" & "SBTV Comedy".

Performing alongside the likes of Miss London,
Eric Lampaert and Javon Prince. During 2012 mentored by Gary Reich (Of Brown Eyed Boy), Mr Darcy toured the urban comedy scene with his improved stand up set landing him to build a small following. He has since performed with the likes of Kojo at the comedy fun house and became a comedy writer for Live magazine's "Somewhere_to" column. Most importantly, he was commissioned by the Shine Group to pilot "The Mr Darcy Sketch Show". 

After studying British comics such as Bob Monkhouse & Lez Dawson, Mr Darcy now uses his multicultural background and knowledge of young people as a focal point for his comedy. He will return to the standup circuit mid 2013.

“Yes, my background maybe confusing, but I’m not confused. The world is…” – Darcy Thomas    
To book Mr Darcy or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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