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Kevin J
Kevin J is considered the protégé of comedian Eddie Kadi, supporting him at shows and in cameos on music videos.

Kevin J, is a comedian on the rise, Richard Blackwood is quoted as to saying, “He has that X factor”, Kojo, Slim and Eddie Kadi have all praised him, his honest character and relevant humour have had audiences of all races in hysterics wherever he performs.
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He manages to capture that essence of relevance and youth, he is not afraid to put himself in the forefront of his jokes, yet he gains more respect for the simple factor that he pulls the jokes off like a veteran, composed, professional and absolutely hilarious!!

Kevin J recently appeared on Kojo’s Comedy Fun House on MTV Base, it was an open-mic style audition, nobody knew what to expect, he was after a good act and all the pressure was there, Kevin came out and brought the house down with an awesome set, I was laughing after he had finished (embarrassing to admit but proves how good he is), he is definitely a comedian on the rise, one that will be in your favourites real soon.
To book Kevin J or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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