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Clyde West
Described in "Time Out" as experienced, which is an understatement. Clyde knows his comedy craft and delivers his excellent set in a punchy, slick style. Clyde has performed at all the main London comedy clubs and excels in front of any audiences; he is also a regular performer on the very successful 'Black Circuit'. Recently he was seen on TV's 'Club Class.'

The performance and his persona are appealing and he is now being booked to headline most clubs. He is the resident compare of a comedy club in Essex although to truly see this man perform and work a room, he should be booked to do a set.

At a recent gig in Maidstone "What's On Kent" described him as "Side splitting funny." Clyde lives in Stratford in East London and much of his humour comes from his surroundings.

Clyde performs full 2O's at the 'Comedy Store'.
To book Clyde West or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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