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Chris Mapane
Chris Mapane is one of the most energetic comedians on stage. He will be good to advertise a false energy drink. At the tender age of 22, he has done gigs where he hosted, headlined and has a One Man Show. He is observant and can easily relate to the audience since his material is based on every day life. You will never realize how funny things you do till he tells you on stage.

Chris Mapane also known as Family Man, started doing stand-up comedy with a one man show at the University of the Witwatersrand and never looked back since then. He performed at Wits Hee Hee Hee Comedy Festival, Tshwane Comedy Festival and UP Yours Comedy Festival. He blessed a number of club venues around South Africa. He made appearances at TV shows like SABC Wild Room, Se'skhona and Africa Awakes broadcasting all over continent Africa and won the Y-Fm comedy battle. He MC'd a number of events at Wits University and hosted Hip-Hop shows under Blackwhole entertainment in Johannesburg and Roach Inc in Pretoria State Theater. He is one of the founders of Déjà Vu SA, and for the past five years he lead its poetry and comedy division called The Poetic Therapy Déjà Vu.

Chris Mapane is currently busy on Déjà Vu SA rehearsal spaces nurturing a new generation of talented comedians.
To book Chris Mapane or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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